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It can be a challenging task to determine which types of insurance you need as a business owner in Kansas.  There is insurance available for every risk your business could potentially face.  Some forms of business insurance are required by law, while many others are optional.  It is important to keep in mind that the coverage required by law may not offer adequate protection.  At A G Insurance, we will take the time to review your business and determine which options offer the level of coverage you need.

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Business insurance is a blanket term that includes many various types of insurance.  The coverage provided in a business insurance policy can offer protection for:

•    Lawsuits resulting from injury or property damage to others.
•    Commercial vehicles.
•    Damage or loss to the business location and its contents from events such as storms, vandalism or fire.
•    Interruption of normal business operations.
•    Benefits for employees who are injured on the job.

Standard types of business insurance include workers compensation, liability, and property insurance.  You will find these in just about every business insurance policy.

Workers Compensation provides benefits to employees who suffer workplace illness or injury and also protects you as an employer from lawsuits associated with such an injury or illness.

Liability insurance offers protection against negligence and/or injury to clients or other third parties.  Attorney fees, damages, and medical expenses would be covered under liability insurance.

Physical assets including the building and its contents such as inventory and furniture are protected under property insurance.  This may also cover outdoor items such as signs or landscaping.

Many other types of business insurance exist, but which are necessary for your business?  It is our goal to understand all aspects of your business so that we can provide you with meaningful options and appropriate levels of coverage.  Some of the available options include:

•    Business Interruption Insurance
•    Business Crime Insurance
•    Commercial Auto Insurance
•    Umbrella Insurance Coverage

It is important to protect the business you have worked so hard to establish and make successful.  Please contact us at 785-597-2444 to speak with one of our team members about the business insurance options that are best for you or click here.  You may use our Business Insurance Tool to get started as well!

AG Insurance specializes in the following insurance programs within Jefferson, Jackson, and Pottawatomie counties:

•    Auto Insurance

•    Homeowners Insurance

•    Farm Insurance

•    Business Insurance

•    Farm Vehicle and Commercial Auto Insurance

•    Life Insurance

•    Flood Insurance

•    Horses, Rodeo & Equine Events: Please call for details

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