Equine and Livestock Mortality Insurance

Horses, cattle, and other livestock can be significant investments for animal owners such as farmers, or race horse owners. The health of these animals is essential to make a living. The death of an expensive animal or large number of animals can be financially devastating for their owners. Horses for example can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars. Not only will the owner lose their initial investment in the horse if it were to die, but they lose potential future income as well. 

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Equine and livestock mortality insurance is designed to protect animal owners from losses associated with the death of various animals and livestock. It is essentially life insurance for animals. At A G Insurance we offer comprehensive equine and livestock mortality policies to cover a variety of individual needs. Coverage is available for a wide range of animals including horses, cattle, hogs, poultry, goats, sheep, and other livestock.

Coverage is available for individual animals, for specific herds of animals, or as blanket coverage for all animals you may own.

  • Individual Coverage – Coverage for a single animal. This is typically used to cover higher-value animals such as show or breeding cattle. Coverage is based on age, sex, value, and potential future profits the animal stood to make.
  • Herd Coverage – Coverage for a specific number of animals such as 200 pigs.
  • Blanket coverage – Coverage for your animals as part of a general farm insurance policy that covers all farm property.

The death of an animal can be the result of many different incidents. Coverage can be comprehensive and include most causes of death, or coverage can be limited to a specific list of causes.

  • Animal Mortality Coverage – Covers costs associated with the death of an animal due to most accidents, injuries, or disease. In most cases, theft is also included.
  • Limited Mortality Coverage – Covers specific incidents listed in a policy. This can include accidents such as an accidental shooting, weather related events including flooding and earthquakes, theft, animal attacks, or death during transportation.

Depending on the animals you are insuring, optional coverages can be added to enhance an equine or livestock mortality insurance policy. For example, you may wish to add medical expense coverage for your horses. Surgery and major medical procedures can be very expensive. This coverage can help to alleviate these costs needed to keep your animal healthy. Other coverages can include carcass removal, loss of egg income, contaminated feed, reproductive impairment, egg spoilage, and more.

At A G Insurance we can help farmers and animal owners throughout Marshall, Douglass, Shawnee, Atchison, and Leavenworth counties with all of their equine and livestock mortality insurance needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs so that we can offer the appropriate coverage at a great rate. Contact us today with any questions you may have about equine and livestock mortality insurance or to receive a free quote click HERE.


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